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EduKrypt is the new generation teaching methodology & Pioneer of Video Encryption Software In the world with its Unique Industry First Software Features.

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EduKrypt helps to make your teaching reach out to
unlimited students Making you stay ahead of competition and multiply your revenues!


Encrypt your videos hassle free by selecting single or multiple videos in one go with lightening fast. encryption technology with the most easy to use


Give permission to the users for the entire course, subjects or videos In a click. Also give permission everyday with multiple permission option for non-stop offline viewing of latest videos


Send videos to students on multiple medias like pen drive, google drive, or our own Balance Box platform, EduKrypt supports all. No need to wait for course completion. Just Record, Encrypt & Share instantly

Core Features
That makes us top notch

256 Bit AES Encryption

EduKrypt complies to 256 Bit AES Encryption which is absolutely Unbreakable

Quick Encryption

EduKrypt video encryption process for multiple files is absolutely lightening fast and takes minimum time

Easy Analytics

Edukrypt provides the watch pattern of the students to give an in-depth analysis of the students learning pattern

Your enterprise carrier for Video Lectures

EduKrypt with its best in class features is the most trusted video encryption software having
unbreakable encryption and is proudly acknowledged as the World’s
Best Video Encryption Software.



EduKrypt Windows

Works On
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Student Products
  • Student
  • Student Pro
  • Student One

Classroom Products
  • Classroom
  • Classroom Pro
  • Classroom One

EduKrypt Android

Works On
  •     Android Pro 4
  •     Android Pro 5
  •     Android Pro 6
  •     Android Pro 7
  •     Android Pro 8
  •     Android Pro 9
  •     Android Pro 10
Student Products
  •     Mobile
  •     Pro
  •     Mobile One

EduKrypt TV

Works On
  •       Android Pro 7
  •       Android Pro 8
  •       Android Pro 9
  •       Android Pro 10
Classroom Products
  •       TV
  •       TV Box
  •       TV One

IOS Student

  •     IOS
  •     IOSPro
  •     MobilePro One

Designed and built for
institute just like yours.


Provides you with AES-256 bits encryption for video lectures which is highest in the industry standards.


One of the kind & the first to introduce live classes option for teachers with the maximum security.

Chat Realtime

Realtime chat for for instant delivery of all questions & doubts raised during live classes .


Experience learning through E-book/PDF format without going for physical handbooks all at one place integrated.


Fully offline Multiple Choice Questions for students to give test with instant results and analysis of students by the teacher.

Full HD Player

First and the only video encryption software integrated with Full HD video encryption player for viewing lectures in high quality .

Screen Recording

Edukrypt comes with screen recording/capturing feature entirely disabled.


Watermark displayed on screen helps to detect source, if video is captured from outside third party camera.

Player Controls

Edukrypt has customized player for controlling speed of the videos.

Single Device

Edukrypt works only on the registered device. It cannot be passed on to other devices.

VGA/HDMI Blocked

EduKrypt blocks the outside display to projector through VGA/HDMI in Windows.

Cloud Admin

This feature provides the admin full access of the admin panel and can be operated from anywhere anytime in the world.

Cloud Space

Provides you space as per requirement to keep your encrypted videos safely at one place & avail the benefits of in app downloads.


It allows the students to get in-app notification once the video gets published by the teacher & other important information.


Helps students to jot down the points lecture wise and also save it for future references at one place.

Discussion Forum

Allows students to connect among themselves and have a discussion on a particular topic or question.


Gives students an option to directly give star-based ratings for each videos of the teacher to improve the quality standards of the videos.

Ask a Question

Enables students to ask a question which is sent to teacher once connected with internet & receive answer to each question asked.


Edukrypt provides the watch pattern of the video lectures by the students to give an in-depth analysis of the students learning pattern.

Payment Gateway

Allows students to Contact Sales a particular course through integrated payment gateways with all payment modes.

Transactional Email

Students gets instant mail and permissions are assigned automatically once the user is created .

Transaction SMS

Provides SMS for all financial transactions done & account creation instantly.


Get Invoice automatically generated once the Contact Sales is made in EduKrypt App.

Order History

Allows the students to view all the courses Contact Salesd & related order history in the app .


It enables the students to view their detailed information of the students & their course information .

EduKrypt Ads

In App advertisement area to notify the students of the new courses & promotion of latest courses.

Anti Theft Mechanism

EduKrypt provides a unique feature of anti-theft mechanism to make your videos absolutely secure.

Call Centre For Support

Premium call centre with highly qualified technical support team for giving required technical assistance to all users.

User - friendly experience for
your students

Full HD Player

With all the controls at your fingertip


Rate each video for enhancing quality

Ask Question

Get your questions answered in a click

Add Notes

Note important points to revise later

All the tools for Institutes to
sell, manage, report and grow


EduKrypt store is a platform for Contact Sales of courses by existing users. Get your products listed in your store for online Contact Sales. Increase your sales by getting repeated orders from existing platform. We charge a minimum fees for transactions with a small setup fees.


Manage your payments from students who are on subscription model to get payments on time & control their viewing with full control over the course in just a single click. You need not go out of the platform to have full control over the students.


EduKrypt gives a complete overview of the students in its platform. Get to see the number of students in each course or subject or in a batch and plan the future course of action immediately. EduKrypt also provides the learning pattern of the students to give much deeper insights into the students’ behaviour and also, the focus on weaker students.


EduKrypt keeps all the student’s data at one place in an organised manner and helps you forecast the number of students expected in the current session over the previous sessions and the % increase thereover. This helps you to get yourself ready and prepare yourself for increasing the existing infrastructure.

Seamlessly go from deploying to scaling.

EduKrypt is very easily scalable, no matter how many students user it it can manage all
without worrying about the anything be it Videos, PDFs, E-Books or MCQs

Setup In Minutes

Setup EduKrypt in a just a few clicks & start encrypting and send videos in one go to all students

Flexible Video Formats

EduKrypt encrypts and plays almost all the video formats in the world so that you be rest assured

One Click Marketplace

Setup your very own online store right there in EduKrypt with simple and easy to use interface with just a single click

Global Availability

EduKrypt is available globally anywhere in the world with all international payment options and support all across the globe with white labelling plans

Unlimited Users

Scale up EduKrypt to EduKrypt One or EduKrypt Enterprise seamlessly with built in unique features or custom built with all your requirements

All Platforms

EduKrypt is available in all platforms be it Windows, Macintosh, Android or IOS with all security features making it viable for video security in all platforms


EduKrypt is customizable with all your required features in all platforms which is tailored made without compromising the security of your videos

Low per cost as you grow

EduKrypt has fixed cost plans with unlimited licenses for the whole year thus, giving you more profits as you grow and expand your student base

AES 256 Bit Encryption

EduKrypt maintains the highest standards in encryption technology which is impossible to break with its unique algorithm pattern.

Screen Capture/Recording Blocked

EduKrypt totally blocks all kinds of screen capturing & screen recording software’s and also ensuring that capturing is not possible through remote software’s like Teamviewer & Anydesk

HDMI/VGA Blocked

EduKrypt blocks VGA/HDMI in its Student’s version so that misuse is not done by connecting to projectors or large tv’s


EduKrypt puts a layer on the screen with the Students identification marks so that the source is detected if recording is done through external devices

IP Tracking

EduKrypt tracks the location of the user to give the approximate area from which the user has viewed the last videos to analyze the geographical reach

Restrict Video Viewing

EduKrypt restricts the videos lectures with the facility of number of views or the number of minutes a student can view the lectures so that the revenues are not hit

Play History

EduKrypt gives the actual play history of each & every videos played in its platform with a indepth analysis of the student’s viewing pattern

Set Expiry

EduKrypt allows you to set the validity of the user and thereby set the maximum validity date up to which the videos can be viewed

Perfect Integration

EduKrypt integrates multiple services in its software to give a platform where the students get all around features that are necessary to smoothen the working & enhance the learning experience by facilitating lot of third party services so that the students need not get out of the EduKrypt platform.

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Easy Setup Get started in 30 seconds

EduKrypt is very quick & easy to setup in just a few clicks & has at hand lightning fast Support from our Call Centre

Install the Software in
your device

EduKrypt works on all Devices be it Windows, Macintosh, Android or IOS. Just choose your device & install it

Get Videos from Any Media

EduKrypt supports video file transfer & download through all available Media like Pen Drive, Google Drive, SD Cards or Our very own Balance Box

Start learning instantly
for a memorable learning experience

EduKrypt enables to access the video classes along with all resources and assessment materials instantly


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ClassroomPro Ultimate Plan

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All Features

The Video Encryption Platform
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