Video Encryption & Security Android App

If you want to defend your lecture videos by the unauthorized viewing. You should have to convert your video files in encrypted format which acts a safeguard for your video lectures videos or tutorials. So Video encryption android app is the suitable for Educational Institute, Schools, Colleges, & Universities which can secure your content on the android devices. There are mainly two words “encryption” and “video encryption” which can briefly understand as a given below:

What is Encryption in Android App?

In encryption pertains to hide data and the protection can be understood as securing the file through various tools, password, coding etc. But if you want to secure your content in the high level of security standards, you have to use encryption technology which works for the protection of the content. Encryption is a suitable method for securing data.

What is Video encryption in Android App?

Video encryption undertakes your video secures from the curious minds. It allows a certain algorithm, login id, passwords, coding which enable a high standard security for your contents. Digital Education plays a vital role of educational institutes and students, which allows to deliver education through digital modes within a very short period time span. Data breaches, unauthorized data stolen and sharing which are at risk for the owner. These illegal activities are very common nowadays, but it is not good. Video Security is a very important thing if you want to survive in the competitive world so you have to keep secure your content. Various types of Video Security Android App are available in the market which facilitates encryption technology in the mobile app but they provides 128 Bit AES Technology.

Vital Role of Edukrypt Android App

Edukrypt emerges with Video encryption android app which uses best encryption technique, i.e. 256 Bit AES Technology, Watermarking Protection in compared to 128 Bit Technology. You also get a high quality video player on this video security android app. Nowadays Edukrypt is considered as the best video encryption android app in the digital life. Let’s understand AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Watermarking Protection, Screen Capturing protection which is an important type of end-to-end encryption:

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES): It allows encryption and decryption of text 128, 192 or 256-bit long size key size. The Advanced Encryption is a symmetric encryption algorithms chosen by U.S. Government. It is also known as Rijndael.
  • Watermarking Protection: Watermarking can be understood as a kind of marker inserted into a digital life. It may be used for a wide range of applications, like as: Copyright Protection, Video Authentication, Fraud Detection.
  • Screen Capture Protection: Screen Capture Protection is developed for to stop steal your data. Video recording have been stopped in this video encryption Android app. any one cannot record video from any suspicious application.
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