USB, Pen drive Encryption Software

Edukrypt is one of the best USB, Pen drive encryption software which offers an easy way to secure your digital content by applying encryption techniques i.e. 256 Bit AES Technology. It offers the wizard-style to the teachers, Institutes, Financial Company, & also protecting video lectures, personal video files with resistant rules & algorithms. This USB Encryption Software is very easy to use where you get a lot of benefits during transferring digital lectures from teachers to students.

More than a decade, Pen drive is a very popular device which can store a large volume of data and able to transferring data in an easy way to any computer, laptop or any other devices. It is widely used in the education sector because most of the coaching institutes sell their video lectures by converting his lectures into pen drive video lectures. It contributes a huge growth for a coaching institutes, maximize revenue. But In digital content, it is a great chance of occurrence to steal your video files by an unauthorized user and it gives a huge loss of the video owners. If you want to use an external USB Device like Pen drive for transferring your important video content, then you have to purchase pen drive encryption software, usb encryption software which is the most suitable software for protection of your video contents. If you purchase this software, you get the following benefits:

  • High Security Standards
  • HD Video Player
  • 256 Bit AES Encryption technique
  • Screen capturing protection
  • Best Prices Packages
  • Multiple Permissions
  • High Speed Encryption
  • Video Analytics
  • Watermarking

Edukrypt is the top USB Encryption Software which encrypts your video content and permissible student can decrypt this for viewing the stored contents. It uses key length 256 bits, to ensure your data confidential and no one can view your digital content without taking permission by the owners. This Pen drive encryption software has been equipped with video player where those file is running smoothly. It is a very popular usb encryption software or pen drive encryption software which has been developed by Edukrypt after conducting proper market research, customer survey, feedback & suggestions by the teachers. Video strong security to your video files, i.e. Video lectures, Tutorials, Financial Data etc. It keeps your copies in an external device with high security standards, algorithms, nobody can steal your electronic content by any illegal ways. Teachers should have to purchase this software because security is the most important factor of digital videos and it is a mandatory step to avoid any loss. Edukrypt is a fully compatible pen drive encryption software with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP, Android devices like mobile phones, tablets etc. which is available at the best affordable prices in India.


Hard Disk Encryption Software:

Hard Disk Encryption Software has been specially developed by Edukrypt which encrypt video files. Due to Technology Advancement, there is a highly scope of technology in the Business, Educational Sector. Encryption is a very effective way to secure your important digital videos by the unauthorized users because without a proper security standard, you can lose your confidential video files which give a variety of huge negative response in the digital world. So Video Security is the necessary factor for all digital video files or content. This software is easy to use, very simple interface to encrypt and decrypt files.

Edukrypt is a hard disk encryption software composition for large data volume at the best low price. Our flagship product, i.e. Hard Disk Encryption Software supports 256 Bit AES, which specialize in high speed encryption only for large volume of data. Hard Disk Encryption Software is also important software along with our pen drive encryption software, So Edukrypt provides hard disk encryption software apart from our usb, pen drive encryption software according to the space feature option. Where you get a hassle free viewing of your video contents because our HD video player is a unique video player where you feel an ultimate experience during viewing the videos. Encryption tool is used to generate a unique code, algorithm which prevents your videos by the unapproved user. It easily encrypt your video files when it is delivers to another candidate by applying a unique Id, password, OTP Verification & when a candidate want to view this video file, then they easily decrypt the video files & access the video content for his uses. This hard disk encryption software is very beneficial in the digital market for the security point of view of your important video files. So you have to make an order for hard disk encryption software through Edukrypt.

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