Edukrypt- Video Security Software

Video Security Software puts the strong power of security in your hands through the use of the latest 256 BIT AES Technology which secure your video lectures, tutorials by the prohibited hands. Recording Classroom Lectures and distribution of these video lectures is one of the most important tool for increasing the enrolment of the students and also growth of your educational services.

Role of Technology in the Educational Services

Technological Advancement play an important role in the educational sector because most of the coaching institutes, colleges or teachers want to maximize his lectures reaches among the student using digital format like Pen drive Classes, Google Drive Classes, USB Classes. This is most beneficial of that type of students who are unable to attend by physical movement. So using the technology it is easily takes online classes and continue his learning through USB, Pen drive Classes, Google Drive Classes etc. Sometimes these video lectures can be leak to that candidate who didn’t grant any permission by the teacher to access this video lectures & teachers lose a huge loss by this.

Secure Your E-Learning with Edukrypt- Video Security Software

Prevention of video lectures, tutorials by an unapproved candidate is the most important issue in the digital world. Edukrypt launches Video Security Software which protects your e-learning content by encrypting your video files with certain rules & algorithms which provides a strong encryption during distributing video content from teachers to the students. You feel a hassle free quick installation during our software installation process.

This video security software has become an essential tool for the protection of your video content so that’s why various universities, coaching institutes has adopted this video security software to save his digital content by the unauthorized access. Video Security is a very essential thing for every educational institutes and it helps to provide full control on the video leakages so it is an ideal software among for all educational institutes, teachers etc. There are a lots of features in this video security software which are as under:

How powerful is the Edukrypt Video Security Software?

The main objective of Edukrypt video security software is secure and this software is fully recommended by various teachers, professors, coaching institute owners because it has proof a leakage free protection for all types of digital content i.e. video lectures, tutorial videos etc. Edukrypt has equipped with latest 256 AES Technology, encrypted video player, screen capturing protection, high speed encryption technology which is the main best features of this video security software. That’s why Edukrypt plays a vital role in various types of coaching institutes, colleges or Universities etc. and proof his expertise during distributing of the video contents.

Salient Features:

  • Encrypted video sends by all memory devices
  • Compatible with all HD players
  • Highest level multiple security standards
  • Features & watermark protection to secure efforts
  • Installation available on short notice
  • Offline lecture and video protection
  • Upgradable software
  • Compatible with all Windows, Android Devices
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