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EduKrypt Student/ Franchise Software FAQ

Q1.input String Was not in a correct format?

Kindly Change Date Formate Like dd-MM-yyyy

Q2.EduKrypt Stop Working at Login Time?

Kindly Update EduKrypt .Net Framework Like

  • Step1- Remove all .net framework
  • Step2- Install .net Framework 4.0
  • Step3- Install Latest.net Framework like 7.1 or above

Q3.EduKrypt Stop Working at the time of Lecture Play ?

Kindly Check VLC Media Player Version.Media Player Version 1.1.1 Is install or Not, If not Then then Install VLC 1.1.1.

Q4. Video and Voice Not Come properly?

Kindly Remove all VLC media Player Version and Install VLC Media Player Version 1.1.1

Q5. If Blank VlC Screen Come ?

Wait 5-10 Minute. Then Lecture Automatic Play.

Q6. User already Register?

Contact to your Institute for Session Inactive.

Q7. Input String not in correct Formate?

Special Character are not allowed at the time of create user profile like
1.Phone- Special Character Not allowed
2.Username- Special Character Not allowed.

Q6. At the time of Video Encryption Special character not allowed.

1. Example: -,_,@,#,Blank Space, White Space,(,),{,},[,],',",;,:,?,=,+,%,^,& etc. Not Allowed.
2. Only 20 Character Allowed in File Name